Buying An Investment Property

Now is a great time to buy an investment property. Unfortunately many people have lost their homes to foreclosure and short sales over the past few years. The good news is, unlike in the past these are premium renters who just got caught in a down market. Rental rates continue to rise while available properties decrease giving you the investor a great tenant pool to pick from and increase your rate of return.

Chris and his team are ready to serve as your Arizona Realtor for an investment property search. We bring years of expertise to the table and know how to help our clients find just the right match depending on your financial situation and expectations.

When purchasing an investment property, it’s crucial to focus on location not only for long term resale but to focus on the best possible tenants. It’s important to seek out properties that are in locations where people want to live; luckily there just aren’t enough rental homes out there to address the demand.

Finding an investment property is not totally different than buying a primary residence but there are more financial and tenant issues to consider. The things you desire in a property may be different than most tenants, it is important to consider this to maximize your rental income while limiting your initial investment as much as possible. We will help you put money where it really matters to maximize your return on investment and reduce the maintenance of the property.

Chris has worked with many investors and is able to pick up on your needs and expectations quickly in order to tailor the right type of investment property for you. Many clients of Chris’ have purchased homes from out of state without seeing the property in person. They are able to do this because Chris utilizes video tours, comprehensive property analysis, and digital signatures to bring the out of state investor to the property virtually.

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